Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion will focus on the Hive God of deceit, Savathun, who has been considered one of the most powerful enemies in the entire Destiny 2 universe for a long time. The Witch Queen expansion will launch on February 22 of next year, and the current Season of the Lost acts as a bridge to the premise and events of Destiny 2's Year 5, and it is the first Season where Savathun has plainly revealed herself to the players for who she is — even speaking to them in Mara Sov's chambers.

Normally, Seasons last around three months in Destiny 2, but with Season of the Lost being the longest Season in the game's history, it's only natural that its epilogue has yet to be revealed. Because Season of the Lost ties directly into the events of The Witch Queen, it's plausible that the end of Season storyline will go places that forward the story and partially explain the basics of what's going to happen next year in Destiny 2. What Destiny 2 players currently know is that Savathun will somehow manage to obtain the powers of the Traveler's Light and grant them to Hive Guardians as well, creating an army of Hive Lightbearers who cannot be killed unless their Ghosts are defeated first.


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Destiny 2's Season of the Lost, Savathun's Light, and Mara's Thirst for Power

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An important distinction that should be made is that, according to Destiny 2's lore, "taking" is for the Deep and the Darkness, whereas "giving" or "be given" is for the Sky and the Light. This means that Savathun cannot forcibly take the Traveler's Light, but rather she likely has to go through a cycle that the Speaker from the Red War campaign outlined, and that comprises devotion, sacrifice, and death. No being in Destiny 2's universe is known to have the gift of the Light without dying, and what the Eliksni had wasn't the Traveler's Light through Ghosts and endless life, but rather the same blessing that got humanity to its Golden Age before the Collapse.

As such, Savathun is likely going to die either by the end of Season of the Lost, or as part of the premise for The Witch Queen expansion, and she will then be resurrected by a Ghost and granted the powers of the Light. Many Destiny 2 players believe that, because Season of the Lost's narrative revolves around Mara Sov having to exorcise Savathun's Worm God to free her from it, the Queen of the Reef is planning on killing Savathun while she is weak. While this might be Mara's plan, it's unlikely to pan out as she thinks, and Savathun will likely uphold her end of the bargain by returning Osiris — alive, but maybe not in a good shape.

Instead, Mara Sov is known to be thirsty for more power and control, which means she might as well exorcise Savathun's Worm and not kill it, but keep it for herself — be it to become stronger, or to seek knowledge. This moment of hubris and distraction could lead to Savathun escaping, all while the Dreaming City is under attack by Xivu Arath's forces — the allegiance between Hive, Scorn, and Taken. Osiris will likely be reunited with his lover, Saint-14, and taken to safety within the Last City.

Savathun returning Osiris might indeed get her closer to the Traveler's Light by showing her devotion, and sacrificing herself later for the greater good could finally provide her with the blessing of eternal life, something she gives up with her Worm. Ultimately, Destiny 2's Season of the Lost will likely end with a bit of a cliffhanger that will soon be resolved, considering the epilogue is probably launching after the Dawning event ends in January, and The Witch Queen releases a month later.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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