Halo Infinite has had an interesting reception so far, as fans praise its gameplay but criticize its progression and monetization. Luckily, fans can partially address the concerns about Halo Infinite's slow progression by using an XP Boost, which players will earn periodically on the Battle Pass. Earning XP Boosts is simple – just play multiplayer matches and complete challenges. But how do players use an XP Boost in Halo Infinite?

While the menu system is hardly the main appeal of a Halo game, it does have an effect on the experience. Halo Infinite's is pretty, though it can be a bit confusing to navigate at times, making certain functions like finding the store and Battle Pass track somewhat difficult. Unfortunately, XP Boosts are also buried in the menus, so players will need to know where to find them.


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How to Use a Double XP Boost in Halo Infinite

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First and foremost, Halo Infinite players need to be out of a match when they use the boost. To use the boost, navigate to the Battle Pass menu. Players can access this from the top-right side of the main menu, or by pressing "Y" on the Xbox Controller. From there, there's an option that says "Boosts." Select boosts and a menu will appear showing both XP Boosts and Level Skips. Simply select the XP Boost, and a timer will begin ticking down.

Halo Infinite Double XP Boost Uses


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a Double XP Boost. First and foremost, the boost will tick down even when outside of a match, so don't spend too much time idling around in the menus or customizing a Spartan. Additionally, while the boost currently says that it lasts for 30 minutes, it lasts for an hour total. 343 Industries did this to help assuage concerns about slow progression speed, which plagued the game early on. Also, make sure to use the boosts with easy-to-complete challenges. It's much easier to earn Spartan kills than it is to cross off more situation objectives.

That's pretty much all there is too it, though. Using Halo Infinite's XP Boost is one thing, but using it well is another thing entirely. However, balancing those elements can help speed up Battle Pass progression by a ton, and slow progression is one of the fatal flaws Halo Infinite has right now. However, 343 does seem keen to speed that up in the future, so things are looking promising.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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