Players in Minecraft are often on the lookout for livestock like cows, pigs, and sheep, since these mobs are a great source of materials. But, aside from these creatures, Minecraft also offers a number of other animals that can be captured and collected for the fun of it.

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Some of these animals can be quite difficult to get, however, and this is especially true for pandas. Not one of the traditionally tameable mobs in Minecraft, pandas are both a challenge to find and a challenge to breed. For those Minecraft players looking to locate and grow their own panda population, this guide is here to help.


Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft

bamboo jungle area minecraft

Pandas are relatively rare and spawn in the Jungle biomes, one of the better biomes for survival playthroughs in Minecraft. Unfortunately, the biome itself is also a challenge to find, making this hunt even more difficult. In both the Bedrock and Java editions of the game, players' only option for finding pandas is to explore the overworld for this biome.

Of the different variants of Jungle, players' best bet is to locate a Bamboo Jungle in order to improve their chances at finding a panda. These are easy to differentiate from other areas by the large amount of bamboo present. This variant of the Jungle biome has the highest chance for panda spawning in both Java and Bedrock editions. Players need to search the entire area and carry around bamboo in order to ensure their panda hunt is successful.

How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

minecraft panda family

Pandas are unlike other animals in Minecraft in that they must meet certain conditions before they can actually breed. There must be at least 8 bamboo blocks within a five-block radius of both pandas in order for them to enter breeding mode. If this condition is not met, then feeding the pandas will only result in the pair sitting and eating the bamboo.

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Fortunately, if players locate pandas in a Bamboo Jungle, then this requirement will likely be met with ease and the player can feed the pair right there to breed them. If the player would prefer that breeding occurs at a base, they just need to plant enough bamboo around their pandas. As with other animals, players will know that breeding has begun when hearts begin to emanate from the mobs.

Similar to breeding horses in Minecraft, different panda combinations can result in different offspring. Pandas have different personalities, which can be seen in a panda's face:

  • Normal pandas: frowning face
  • Lazy pandas: smiling face
  • Worried pandas: wide puppy-dog eyes
  • Playful pandas: tongue sticking out
  • Aggressive pandas: frowning eyebrows
  • Weak pandas: teary eyes
  • Brown pandas: appear brown and white.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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